May Updates from Patty!

Hello 4OP family,

I hope all is well with everyone!

It has been a very busy few months here on our end. I have a new job with the school system I work for and let me tell you — I have been busy!

Jacqueline Raposo, our media specialist, has been busy writing a book. Yep, you read that right — Jacqueline just finished writing her first book. Please wish her the best. You can find her book The Me, Without: My year on an Elimination Diet of Modern Conveniences, on Amazon (out in January).

Our platoons are doing well.

MWSS 271 Fuel is well. The 25-30 Marines that left last July for Spain have returned home after a 9-month deployment. It was a long and hard deployment for some of the guys. They are grateful for the support the 4OP gave while they were gone.

Those of the MWSS 271 Fuel that stayed behind are doing fine also.

Naples, Italy is doing well, too — nothing has changed on their end. My family and I will be traveling to Naples to visit with some in the Naples unit in May.

40P is still sending support through care packages, cards, and letters. I know we have 3 people who are sending letters to our platoons. One of our supports got to meet the Marine she has been writing to. She was excited to see him. Mr. and Mrs. D’Ambrosio are sending letters to our platoons also.

40P has sent out cards for all the holidays that have come and gone. We have added little jokes on some of the cards, just to make it fun. We were able to send very large care packages at Christmas, thanks to some awesome support from a friend and the Norwood community. Several of the schools here in Stanly County have been sending pictures and cards. During Armed Forces Day, we had several classrooms make cards and draw pictures to send. During Christmas we had over 300 students write Christmas cards. When Girl Scout Cookie season was upon us, we sent out cookies. I believe we sent a total of 25 boxes this year.

Remember, you can join any of our programs at any time — just message us and we’ll help you host a fundraiser or coordinate a card-writing program. We’d love to get more people involved. And you can always donate to our programs via our PayPal account – we’re

Happy Spring!

Patty Helms, 4OurPlatoon Mom

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